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Ironclad's Red Bow Sale
The holidays are approaching fast and the time to start buying gifts for your friends and family is upon us.  As of Monday, December 7th through December 24, Ironclad will be having a Red Bow Sale.  To help make holiday shopping easier and more affordable, we will be marking down prices on our bicycle inventory, setting up a table full of accessories that make great gifts, and as always we will have our knowledgeable staff to help you select that perfect gift.  Not sure what to buy... Gift Certificates are available!

Single Speed?
By Justin Fundalinski

<> <>It is difficult to understand why anybody that is reasonably sane would ever sacrifice the advances in gearing technology and resort back to grinding up hills with just one speed.  Well, maybe that's why single speed mountain biking started off as a bit of a cult or underground movement per say, but it can no longer be categorized as such.  As it turns out, those “unreasonably insane” single speed riders didn't really deserve such titles or criticisms and they really hit on something that has made its place in the mountain bike world.  As a matter of fact, major mountain bike companies (i.e. Niner, Gary Fisher) are offering a single speed specific mountain bikes along with making their geared bikes capable of converting to single speed (i.e. sliding drop-outs, eccentric bottom brackets), and races, like Prescott’s own Whisky Off Road Race, offer a Single Speed category.

 <>Even with such a following in the industry, and for that matter the mountain bike culture itself, one still can legitimately ask, “Why?” As a recent convert (as of mid-summer) from a geared to single speed bike and because I constantly have to explain myself to friends and customers, I will attempt to shine some light for those of you reading this.  Lets start off by saying, NO! No, I do not ride single speed because I love to suffer.  I loved to suffer long before I converted over, and please note that my love to suffer has nothing to do with riding single speed nor will that love be covered in this article. On that note, I definitely cannot say that it is all that much more difficult. Sure you are pushing a bigger gear than you would like to some of the time, but it is easy to change your riding style to make life easier and your body adapts quickly.  

<>From that pseudo-tangent, I will get back on track and answer the question at hand a bit more directly.  Why ride single speed? What are the advantages?  Riding single speed creates a greater connection with the bike to the body -- almost as if it is another appendage.  It is like the feeling some of us get when we drive a standard verses an automatic vehicle.  You know what I am talking about -- that connection with the vehicle, the feeling that you are in more control of the engine, the ability to make the engine do what you want it to do the moment you need it to do it, you are always where you need to be. Riding a single speed is the same thing; you are “always there.” Rather than focusing on what gear ratio you need to be in to conquer the next obstacle, you are focusing on the terrain and riding it according to the gear ratio that you are ALWAYS in.  Look at it like this, your style of riding is unlimited and in tune with what the terrain offers, rather than restricted by having one gear.  I can say for myself that I have become a much more fluid rider since my conversion and I have absolutely no intentions of turning back.  

 <>There are also other advantages that you will realize.  Hill climbs are actually easier and faster because you lose the extra weight that you normally carry around with gears.  It is a lot less expensive to replace a single cog compared to an entire cassette.  Chain suck is a non-issue. Broken derailleurs, stretched cables, bent derailleur hangers, and the million and one shifting problems are completely eliminated.  On that note, all the money you save by eliminating so many of the drive train problems, you can now upgrade all your other components to maximize the quality of your ride.  

So, in conclusion… Yes, my views are slightly off center from the left and right sides of the Single Speed and Geared parties. However, if you ever thought about making the move over to Single Speed, know that I am here to help and encourage it.  Come on into the shop and lets talk.

Bike of The Week
Ironclad  Crew

First, before we reveal the B.T.W., I would like to thank all of you that have been following our weekly bike blow out sale.  It has been a blast putting people on bikes that they have always wanted.  It has been fun to see the growing interest in this sale, and watching people come in the store just to see what this week's line up is.  We appreciate the business and hope to keep serving your bicycle needs to the best of our abilities.

Ironically, and seriously unintended, our bike of the week lines up perfectly with the article above.  If you thought single speed was a cult, check out this one.... SINGLE SPEED, 29" WHEELS, FULLY RIGID!!

SE - 29ER Stout (15" & 19" Frames Available)
  • Double Butted Cr-Mo Frame w/ Disc Brake Mount & Looptail Rear End
  • Cr-Mo fork w/ Disc Brake Mount
  • Gravity Maximus Alloy 3-Piece Cranks
  • Alex DM18 Double Wall Rims
  • Kenda Small Block Eight Kevlar Bead Tires
  • Removable Derailleur Hanger

SE Stout

On sale now for $429.99!!!

Remember to check our website for the updated Bike of The Week every Monday.


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