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P.A.T. Gala
By Jim Knaup

Buy your tickets for PAT’s “Pedals and Pumps Gala” now

If you have been around Ironclad for a while, you will know we are proud supporters of Prescott Alternative Transportation. This local non profit advocacy organization is working hard for a more bicycle and pedestrian friendly community. Similar efforts in other cities are a cake walk, but in Prescott, it is a huge effort just to make minor changes to increase safety for bicyclists.

PAT also does a lot of bicycle education and encouragement in our schools with their
‘Safe Routes to Schools” program. Though they have brought millions of federal transportation dollars to the community, they usually don’t get to keep any of it for themselves, and they rely on memberships and donations to cover most of their operating expenses, and this recession is having a significant impact.

So, we have conceived the first annual “Pedals and Pumps Gala” as a method to rally folks who care about quality of life issues, and bicycle and pedestrian issues in particular, to come together and help pull this worthwhile organization through these tough economic times. We are working hard to make sure that “fun” is the most prominent aspect of this fundraiser, and we hope you will join us.

You can find more information, and buy tickets, at their website:
You can also find more reasons why we support PAT in this Courier “Talk of the Town”

Presentation of the Bike Ped Masterplan Update

The Prescott Bicycle Advisory Committee has been hard at work revising and updating Prescott’s 2003 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. The draft of their update has been available for download at , and there is a link to submit your comments.
Another way to learn more is to attend the first public presentation of this update at the Prescott Library in the Founders Suite (lower level) this Tuesday 9/15 at 7:00 pm... Please come! It would be great to have a friendly audience.

Trail Tip
By Justin Fundalinski

For me, when it rains it pours! It seems like I can go weeks with out a single problem out on the trail and then on a routine ride everything that can go wrong will go wrong.  A few weeks back while trail riding I got a flat; an aggravation that I can deal with easily, unless some how I forgot my tire levers!!  After hiking a mile or so I ran into somebody that turned out to be a bit of a guardian angel.  I used his levers to repair my flat and after socializing for a bit I decided to ride the rest of the trail with him.  While hauling along a pin broke on my chain, which then grabbed onto and snapped my front derailleur. There I was up Crap’s Creek without a paddle…again.  I had my multi-tool with a chain tool, but no extra chain links.  I set fourth to shorten my chain and then my guardian angle handed me an extra SRAM PowerLink and saved the day…again (literally because it was getting on to dusk now and time was working against me).  I never thought to carry around an extra PowerLink because I never thought I would ever really need one in an emergency situation.  The convenience of putting on this extra link in a matter of seconds is certainly worth the $6.00 it costs and the fraction of a gram that it weighs. 

Product of The Month
By Justin Fundalinski

Knog Frog
I can say that even without being this months featured product, the Knog Frog lights are always a top seller on its own.  Knog Frogs are simple, convenient, inexpensive, and water proof lights with a low profile design that will keep you visible on the road and help you see the road ahead.  These Frogs are designed with a silicon body that makes for an easy attachment and a sleek look.  They come in 12 different colors so you can match them to your socks and underwear if you so choose to.  Come on in to the store and let us shine these super bright LED lights in your eyes and I'm sure you will be convinced.

Sunday  Rides
Ironclad Crew
Sunday rides are still in full effect, so check out the ride calendar on our website and come join us this Sunday.


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