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They're Baaaack!
By Jim Knaup

Goathead Puncturevine
Most Prescottonians welcome our summer monsoon season. The monsoons bring relief from the heat and provide drama and entertainment... they also bring the scourge of bicyclists: GOAT HEADS! Goat heads are small hard spiky seed pods that have an uncanny ability to find bicycle tires, and the pads of dogs paws. The common name of the plant that produces them is "Goathead Puncturevine" . This non-native weed grows low to the ground and can form flat mats five feet or more in diameter radiating out from a central taproot.  This time of year their small bright yellow five petalled flowers stand out against the green backdrop of their hairy leaves which have four to eight pairs of leaflets.

Goatheads are particularly abundant in areas like the trails around Prescott's lakes. One puncturevine plant can produce up to 5,000  goat heads... but even the tiniest plant will produce their own share... that is why it is important to kill them all!
Do the world a favor, learn to recognize Goathead Puncturevine and stop to yank one out by the taproot next time you see it. If you can dispose of the whole plant in a garbage bag: do it. You can also attack them with chemicals like Roundup, but I prefer murdering them by hand.
Goatheads are nasty, but until we can eradicate every puncturevine in Prescott, we have other ways of dealing with them. Our Peavine rental bikes are equipped with tire liners and thorn resistant tubes. More tires, like Specialized Armadillo tires, are coming with carcasses made of a more puncture resistant kevlar material. Some prefer to run tubes filled with a sealant like "Slime" while others may prefer a handlebar mounted flame thrower that can annihilate anything in their path. The Ironclad crew can help you decide on a strategy to combat this scourge and keep you riding all summer long.

New Toys - New fun!
Ironclad ride crew
As if anybody here needed a reason to go for a ride... Keep an eye out on the trails for the Ironclad crew who have been getting crazy with our new "Go Pro" helmet cam. Video editor Tim is putting on the finishing touches of a Spruce Mountain descent filmed in the perspective from the top of Cory's head. Stay tuned for more info...

<>Service  tip:  Suspension Care
Ironclad service tech's
The internals of suspension forks are hidden out of sight, and often get neglected. Most forks use a quantity of oil for lubrication and dampening. but this oil essentially wears out and should be replaced every 50 to 75 hours of riding. Seals and bushings can need replacing, and should be insected as part of the service. There is one simple rule to get the longest life and best service out of your suspension forks... keep them clean! Try and get in the habit of at least wiping down the fork stanchions with a clean damp cloth before every ride. If you have never had your forks serviced, and your bike is over a year old, you may be due... any questions? feel free to ask our tech's.

Last Sunday: Get to Know your Bike
7/26, etc.
This is our free Bicycle Basics 101 class, it is offered the last Sunday of each month at 2:00. The more you know about your bike and how to care for it, the better you will bond with it, and you will ride it more. Chores like cleaning and lubing the chain, or patching a tube should not be intimidating... come learn some tricks from our techs.
...and don't forget our Sunday rides that leave Ironclad at 8:00 am


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