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TDF Time
By Jim Knaup
Of course, the only relevant news in the cycling world is that the Tour de France has begun. All the more newsworthy because Lance is back for another try. Websites like FoxSports and ESPN are covering the tour, as well as some other “official” and more cycling related sites. A quick search on google or bing will provide an overwhelming detour... but one site you should definitely check out is to get the straight “dope” from the horses mouth.

Prescott Cycling Club...INC!
Chain Gang no more...
There is a small core of folks in Prescott committed to the bicycle as a social and recreational tool. Most of them were here when the “Chain Gang” evolved to the more inclusive and friendly Prescott Cycling Club. Now they have instigated a further evolution by incorporating the club. The benefits of incorporating make it easier to host events like the “Loop Challenge”, and it will better indemnify club officers. Also evolving is their website - new information includes a July ride schedule. It only costs $15.00 to join PCC ($20 for a family), which is an absolute bargain at today’s prices. Don't forget to sign up for their listserve. Congratulations to the officers of the Prescott Cycling Club for making this big step to help support recreational cycling opportunities in Prescott.

Big Names are going back to their roots
old guys dreaming of their youth
Fuji has been building bikes since 1899. Specialized was born in 1974. Mountain
bikes were born in Marin County by the likes of Gary Fisher and Joe Breeze. It has been several years since Joe Breeze decided to shift his focus to bikes as useful transportation, and not just recreational toys. Today Breezer bikes are recognized as some of the lightest and best handling fully equipped transportation bikes made. Of course Gary Fisher was not just sitting on a couch waiting for inspiration to develop the mountain bike... he was out doing something else... riding road bikes! Now he too is going back to his roots:  Check out the new Gary Fisher “Presidio” a lightweight steel framed cross type bike designed to conquer the real world. ( )

IRONCLAD activities
Just a reminder that Y’all are welcome to join us tor a fun ride each Sunday Morning at 8:00 AM, check in at the shop for details. Also; our free “get to know your bike” class this month will be Sunday July 26th at 2:00PM. The more you know, the more confidence you will have.


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