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By Jim Knaup
    It is fun to open mail that makes your chest puff out and your head swell, but you can feel a little more than deflated when you find out it was just a scam.
    “This packet is to inform you that upon completion of our 9th annual ‘Best of Prescott’ survey, your business, Ironclad Bicycles, has been voted: - “Best Bike Shop” - 2009!”
    For a few moments it felt really nice to think we had been recognized for our pursuit of quality, at least until I read further and found out all I had to do to get an imitation marble plaque certifying this fact was to send a $400 check to some place in New Hampshire. After going to their website, looking at the actual survey (and a printable copy of the survey where there wasn’t even a bike shop category listed), and last year’s list of winners, I felt confident that if we paid $400 this year, we would be assured of “winning” next year too (so long as we kept on paying).
    While I felt a bit embarrassed for other local business that have been sending checks out of state for a number of years, I would rather spend forty dollars locally to have my own plaque made than to display one of theirs. We are serious in our pursuit of quality, and we strive every day to make Ironclad a place where our crew is proud to work, and a place our customers trust for the best service and advice.
    We want to be recognized as the best bike shop in Prescott, but we really want to make sure we deserve it.

Prescott Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Update
PBAC effort
    Prescott City Council adopted Prescott’s first Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan in 2003, and a lot has transpired in the intervening years to render that document obsolete or irrelevant . Over the past year, the Prescott Bicycle Advisory Committee has been re-evaluating that plan and the priorities listed, comparing them to the cities capital improvement plan, as well as documented safety concerns to produce an updated plan... and that plan is now ready for public review and comment.
    There will be a couple public presentations scheduled in the near future, but in the meantime the draft plan is available in PDF form to download from the cities website:
Take a look at the plan and leave a comment, since it is a draft, your input could well influence the final plan. We will need community support to get this updated plan adopted, so please let our cities leadership know you support PBAC’s efforts to insure pedestrian and bicycle facilities are included in Prescott’s future.

<> City Election
    We think it is time we had a bicyclist on city council, therefore we are endorsing Paul Katan  for  council. Paul  is a certified cycling instructor by the League of American Bicyclists, and he coordinates PAT's" safe routes to schools" program. He cares about bicycling in Prescott.
    Considering their recent support of the proposed Gurley St. project, we also support incumbents Jack Wilson and Bob Luzius.
    Everybody should have received their mali in ballots by now, but that does not mean the process is clear... This is a primary election - but if any candidates get over 50% of the vote... they are in... the others will have to fight it out in the general election. The Ballot instructions will tell you to "vote for not more than three" candidates... which also means you can only vote for one or two if you want. Don't waste the third vote on a candidate who is not bike friendly... it will only dilute the pool and make it less likely that a good candidate will win the first time around... and who wants to help a jerk get elected? You can always vote for the lesser of evils at the general election.

Free rides and clinics

Irohnclad crew
Our shop rides have still been going out every Sunday. We have also posted a ride calendar on our website to help you plan.
Don't forget our "Get to Know Your Bike" clinics the last Sunday of each month at 2:00 PM.

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